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Welcome,  Nearly every citizen of Laurel County is touched by our office in  one way or another. I  advise the Fiscal Court on important legal  issues facing our County. Our staff prosecutes all traffic offenses  that occur here, including serious offenses such as DUI. We also prosecute all misdemeanor cases that occur in Laurel  County, in addition to  participating in the prosecution of the early  stages of felony prosecution. We also prosecute in Juvenile Court.    We administer a cold check program, collect delinquent taxes,  assist in guardianship and  mental health cases and help parents  collect the support due to their families. As you can  see, it's a busy place around here.  I hope you find this site helpful. Please look around, click on the  "Contact Us" link if you need further assistance. I am blessed to  serve as your  county attorney. It is a job that I enjoy and take very  seriously. I look forward to serving you
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Sincerely,  JL Albright
Child Support We believe that adequate and timely child support is the most basic, but essential duty that a  parent has in our community and  that the obligation to pay child  support is not an installment debt to be paid whenever convenient.  We believe that although money alone will not adequately guarantee a child’s complete wellbeing, the failure to pay renders a child more likely to be destitute, neglected or abused.  To this end, we work diligently to ensure that child support payments are made in full and on time.  We are mindful and take serious our duty to provide fair and courteous representation of the interests of the people of the Commonwealth and particularly the citizens of Laurel County in all child support proceedings
Cold Check Enforcement Each year merchants lose millions of dollars due to receiving bad checks.  Over 8,000 bad checks are written per day in Kentucky.  This loss to businesses pushes the cost of goods and services higher.   And, make no mistake, writing a worthless check is a crime