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                                               Press Release                              ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** ****** According to Laurel County Attorney, J. L. Albright, the sale of the delinquent 2010  Laurel County tax bills was conducted on  July 19, 2011.  242 bills were sold to ten  different third party purchasers.  Albright stated that $92,944.82 worth of tax bills were   still delinquent and owning.  This is the face value of the tax bills.  "While that is a lot, it  is a far better collection rate than in  years past.  In recent years the uncollected tax bills  approached $1,000,000.00."  When asked to what he attributed the  successful collection,  Albright responded that "without a doubt it is by and through the cooperative efforts of  Sheriff John Root  and Laurel County Clerk, Dean Johnson.  These gentlemen work hard  in their offices and by collecting these bills, make it less  likely that the county or state  will have to raise taxes in the future.  At least that's what we hope."  Albright stated that he  was  pleased to serve with and assist Johnson and Root.  He also urged "anyone who still  owes a real property bill to make  arrangements to pay their bill before the state mandates  foreclosure on peoples homes and property.  Also, I know that several of  the buyers are  going to look at the list of remaining tax bills and come back and buy more of them."    Delinquent tax bills can be  paid at Dean Johnson's office or by calling 864-5158 
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